eBay Football Kit

Back in 2016, eBay's NYC office fielded a coed soccer team. We were named Markdown F.C. What is Markdown? It's shorthand for service failure. We had no ambitions, and a self-deprecating sense of humor. It turned out to be an accurate name, because we were terrible. We never had jerseys made, but with the 2018 World Cup wrapping up, I thought it'd be fun to make a badge, re-use some artwork, and make some fun kits. Base photos are Nike Dri-FIT Academy Soccer Tops. Thank you Nike for having such great product photography, and please don't sue me.


All good football clubs have a badge. Our is black, white, and eBay blue, with the response code 503, also know as the service isn't responding. Because this is generally a bad thing, it's also going up in flames. Our slogan? Failure is an option.

Home Kit Front Home Kit Back

Our "home" uniform is black (because we're from New York) with eBay blue details. Our logo is a special design, created by Bill Gaines, a former eBay designer who was in love with isometric grids for a while. One small detail: the badge is created on the same isometric grid.

Away Kit Front Away Kit Back

The away kit is Seattle Teal (really, the city flag is teal) with the seaplane artwork and wave pattern I designed for an eBay t-shirt, as this is now my home city.

Third Kit Front Third Kit Back

For our third kit, it's the standard eBay logo with our 4-color stripes. Clean, classic, and honestly, I wish it was real.