100 Drills

It's no secret that I'm, at best, a mediocre soccer player. I get my practice in playing pickup on the weekends, but to improve at something, you need more than a couple hours once a week. Fortunately, there's the internet, and specifically Becoming Elite. Matt has a collection of 100 solo drills that I've found incredibly helpful to increase my basic skills. However, I can't watch a youtube video every time I find myself at the park with a ball and a few free minutes, so I built a small web page that lists all 100 of the drills with intructions and diagrams. You can also randomly see a drill for variety.

Go to add it to your phone's home screen, and enjoy.

Sample screens

If you're curious about how it works, I'm loading a JSON object in Javascript, and creating the base UI dynamically (either directly from the list or via SVGs). No CSS or Javascript frameworks were used, so all ugliness is my own. I decided to go this route as a challenge to build something as small lightweight as possible – though clearly, my code needs a ton of cleanup.