Persona Soccer Kit

The Persona series is one of my favorite video game series. It's got an iconic style that I wanted to apply to these fictional soccer kits.

Base photos are Nike Dri-FIT Academy Soccer Tops. Thank you Nike for having such great product photography, and please don't sue me.

Persona 3

Persona 3 - Home - FrontPersona 3 - Home - Back

In Persona 3, the protagonist saves humanity by assuming the powers of mythological figures to fight against humanity's unconscious, collective wish for self-destruction. It's a bit over the top. The home kit is based on the game's interpretation of the protagonists first persona - Morpheus (with a 7-string lyre) on the front. On the back, the sword and coffins represent the final persona - Messiah - the key figure who fight against death.

Persona 3 - Away - FrontPersona 3 - Away - Back

The away kit is base on the Thanatos persona – the personification of death. The game depicts him as surrounds by coffins - the souls of the dead. The pattern on the jersey is based on this.

Persona 3 - Third - FrontPersona 3 - Third - Back

The third kit is based on The Dark Hour – the in-game time where you fight against monstrous shadows while the rest of the world sleeps in coffins. It gets weirder, as your school turns into a monstrous building, the sky turns green, the moon turns yellow, and the streets become red.

Persona 4

Persona 4 - Home - FrontPersona 4 - Home - Back

Persona 4 trades in the blacks and blues for yellows and oranges, and a bright pop soundtrack and an altogether more hopeful tone. Of course, it turns out you've raised the ire on an ancient goddess, who is out for revenge. You fight her by entering ‘The Midnight Channel,’ a parallel world inside TVs. Don't ask too many questions.

Whether it's the jingle of Junes, the in-game department store, or the UI – everything is bright and cheery on the surface. I've borrowed details from the in-game UI (rainbow stripes), the dominant color theme (yellow), and the pattern from the school uniform on the shorts.

Persona 4 - Away - FrontPersona 4 - Away - Back

Teddie is a creature who wants to help you, instead of kill you. He ends up becoming your companion in the real world. Did I mention he's an anthropomorphic bear mascot? This kit is based off his ‘real-world’ appearance, complete with a zipper in the back.

Persona 4 - Third - FrontPersona 4 - Third - Back

The Midnight Channel is an alternate world your character and companions enter via TVs. It's a world of distortions and danger. Details on this kit are from the player's first persona, Izanagi and the school uniform.

Persona 5

Persona 5 - Home - FrontPersona 5 - Home - Back

Persona 5 takes place inside distorted desires of corrupt adults, whose hearts you're trying to steal and change. The game becomes a series of heists.

The home kit is based on Arsene Lupin, the gentlemen thief, who the game shows as a demonic (though beneficial, to you) figure.

Persona 5 - Away - FrontPersona 5 - Away - Back

As a prisoner of fate, and eventually a literal prison, you find yourself in striped pajamas during some alternate-reality scenes.

Persona 5 - Third - FrontPersona 5 - Third - Back

The third kit is based off your school uniform – a black jacket with red buttons, and plaid pants. Frankly, if most school uniforms were as cool as those in the Persona series, I don't think too many people would complain about wearing them.