Unity Prototyping

I love games, particularly video games, but their creation has always been a bit of a mystery to me. My creative goal for 2023 has been to create 12 prototypes to explore different areas of game creation in Unity. By th end of the year, I hope to be able to produce something recognizable as a game.

Sample screens

Prototype 1: Pillar Breaker A simple experiment with first person controls, raycasting, and physics. It's like a more explosive version of bubble wrap. When you break the third pillar, press R to reset.

Prototype 2: Train Station Third person controls, timed animation, and scene switching.

Prototype 3: LineSimulator1 Algorithmically driven grid movement.

Prototype 4: “Flight” Simulator Built on top of Prototype 3, this is the closest thing I've made to a game: a riveting simulator of commercial aviation from a passenger's perspective, a.k.a. waiting in a lot of lives.